Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Reasons my toddler just can't even....

Emily is mad because:

1. She's done eating and decides to throw food on the floor. The dogs rush over to eat it. Commence melt down. The dogs can't have it just because she clearly doesn't want it anymore.

2. She can't fit into places she REALLY needs to fit into. For instance the house shown below. Total tantrum because she could not sit inside it.

3. The dogs are playing with THEIR toys that are in THEIR toy bin. No excuses. All dog toys will be played with by Emily first and then when she's ready she will hand them over to the dogs. Or so she thinks.

4. She doesn't want me to hold the bag of snacks. She wants it. She's totally responsible enough for this.

5. She is not able to handle the responsibility and the snacks have spilled everywhere.

6. She REALLY needs to hold a baby wipe. Like now! Why won't the container come open. She promises she won't put it in her mouth like the other 7,000 times before.

7. She put the baby wipe in her mouth and has now lost baby wipe holding privileges.

8. The dogs had to go outside. This obviously happens many times a day. She wants them inside where she can see them at all times.

9. No one understands her baby/caveman grunts and hand gestures, although she is clearly requesting to go outside, eat a snack, take a bath, and watch Sesame Street all at the same time. Duh!

10. Someone is touching or breathing on something that belongs to her.

11. She needs to hold the water bottle. NO! With the top off! She won't spill it or dump it on the ground.

12. She pours it out... Now she needs another one because this one is broken.

13. We've given her the fake remote. This is not the one mom!!! This one does nothing! Do you think I don't know the difference!?!

14. I'm going to change her diaper, hence the hiding under the crib.

15. Someone closed the fridge before she had time to examine all of the contents.

16. Someone closed the pantry before she was able to pull out all of her favorite snacks, beg to have some, and then not eat one single bite.

17. The puppy won't sit with her.

18. No one knows why. Maybe because life as a one and a half year old can be too much sometimes and Emily just cant even...


  1. Hahaha! Oh my gosh, I remember these days. Jude was like this so much.

  2. I remember this with my kids. Sometimes they still act pissy over silly things.

  3. First off she is so adorable!!! This is totally my life right now! Bear hands me his empty sippy cup then has a melt down because he wants to hold the empty sippy cup. Um you handed it to me kid, I didn't take it from you. Toddlers are strange! Lol

  4. Hilarious and so accurate! Thanks for the smile today!

  5. She's so cute!
    I feel her pain. I'm not a toddler, but I play one in real life.


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