Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The messy house... For all moms who feel stressed by the mess

My house is messy
My house is messy because we LIVE here
My house is messy because we play here
My house is messy because I want my children to remember the towers we built
The books we read
The laughter and the noise
My house is messy because I don't want them remembering me standing at the sink
Remembering me folding basket after basket of clothes
Remembering I was just too busy
My house is messy because though these days seem so long, the years are heartbreakingly short
My house is messy because years down the road I will wish I had colored one more picture
Dressed one more doll
Played just one more game
I will not look back and wish I had cleaned the oven a little more
Dusted those shelves more
Deep cleaned the refrigerator more
My house is messy because when I clean up my toddler dumps every bin out again
She's so cute that I don't stop her
My house is messy because my son leaves bits of himself everywhere
Legos here, light sabers there, markers and paper all over
That's OKAY
My house is messy because it can wait until bedtime
The dishes will still be there, they won't disappear
These small moments of my children's lives will though
They pass so quickly
You blink and they are gone
My house is messy and I'm okay with that
When the mess is gone I will miss it
When they are gone I will miss them
My house is messy because one day they will have a home of their own
I pray it will be messy


  1. My bedroom is messy because I'm too lazy to put away the clean laundry. Yes, that would be clean laundry! *e*

  2. Ahhh, this made me tear up. It's so true - I know I need to focus more on the present and not worry so much about the mess. I don't want to miss out on those important moments. I don't want to miss out on the every day moments either. Beautiful post, Ashley!

    1. Tearing up now....giant lump in throat! Thanks for these beautiful words. I like to say my house looks like people are out living life.

  3. Amen to this. My house is usually messy, but my kids are happy! Immaculate homes have always freaked me out.


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