Thursday, March 26, 2015


Making new friends as an adult is hard. We're grown ups. We have so many responsibilities and obligations. We're busy.

Kids have it easy. Think back to when you were very small. Mom takes you to the playground. You run around like a crazy person until you find someone about your size.

"Hey wanna be friends and play?"

Bam! New best friend.

Try that as a grown up. Go ahead. Push your cart around the grocery store. Casually walk up to someone.

"Hey! I see you're buying chips! I also like chips. Want to hang out and be friends?"

Nope.... Now you're a weirdo.

We have to wait to be introduced to someone. We hope that we'll meet someone in that moms group or at our new job.

You know how they have apps for single people? They should do that but for friends. Although, that might be a little sad and depressing.

I went through a time where I had no one to really hang out with or vent to. That was really hard. Girls NEED girlfriends. We need someone to call and talk to or grab coffee with. We just do. I am very grateful for the ladies I now call my friends. I'm tearing up just thinking about them. I can count on them 100% to be there for me. I love them. I know God has prepared them for me. I met each of them at a time when I needed them most. We quickly formed bonds and I appreciate them so much.

I also now realize, being the much older more mature person that I am.... lol, just how valuable a true friend is. Quality is more important than quantity. I'd rather have just one friend I can call at 3am with a problem and know they'll be there than have 50 girls with my number that won't pick up because they're not really invested in me.

You need friends that care about you. You need ones that have your best interest in mind. If your "friend" makes you feel bad about yourself, puts you in situations you're not comfortable with, or isn't reliable when you need them then they probably aren't your friend. Sometimes we can be around someone for a long time and become attached to them even if they aren't good for us. I've been hurt many times by people I REALLY thought were my friends. Looking back I can now see that I was pouring more of myself into those relationships than they were.

If you have great friends, hold on to them. Spend time nourishing those relationships. If you don't well there's always the grocery store....
Kidding!!! You'll meet them in unexpected places. You'll be amazed by how they change your life.


  1. I love this post, Ashley! I can so relate. And I definitely agree that quality is greatly appreciated and valued over quantity these days. We need our girls' time. Coffee, shopping, celebrity gossip, whatever. Great post! :)

  2. they totally have friends apps lol. not lame at all. my mum moved to a new state when we were little and didn't make any friends for a long time, a few years ago she finally had enough of her alone time and joined a friends website. now she has a whole group of friends, more than me!

  3. I completely understand everything you wrote in this post! I have been one of those people in friendships that were not supportive or healthy. I have three really close girlfriends and I know that they'd be there for me in a hot second. Granted, two of them are a little far away, but I know they would answer the phone. It's definitely hard to make friends as you get older. Friendship, healthy loving friendship, is so important! Thanks for a great post! :) *erica*

  4. I am completely with you in this one! It isn't easy to make friends as an adult so when you do you should want to make them count!


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