Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cleaning... I need magic!

 I feel like my life revolves around cleaning. I have a cleaning schedule, but it still feels like the house is always a mess. I clean the floors and 10 minutes later there are paw prints and specs of dirt everywhere.How does this happen!!!???!!!

Just this morning I mopped the floors. Noah puts his shoes on that he wore yesterday WHILE IT WAS MUDDY OUT. He then goes on to walk around the house looking for his homework folder. Thank you Noah. Our floors are very light colored wood. We have a no shoes rule because of this. You can see how well that rule is followed.

I think laundry is the worst though. There is always laundry to do. I've contemplated joining a nudist colony but I don't really want everyone to see me  naked so...  Wash the clothes. Dry the clothes. Fold the clothes. Let the clothes sit on the table for a very long time before actually putting them away. Repeat process until the end of time. 

Noah has a habit of not even putting his clothes in the laundry hamper. He can get them right next to it or sometimes even right on top of the lid but never inside it. There seems to be a force-field around it that just repels his clothes.  He also likes to take his socks off wherever he is and leave them there. I will do the laundry and wonder why he doesn't have any socks. Later I'll find them in the couch cushions, under the bed, even under his pillow.  Why?

Cleaning becomes ten trillion times harder when you have a baby. If I napped when she napped my house would look like a tornado hit it. I can't clean when she's awake. It's impossible.

Maybe someday I'll have a cleaning lady. I'd prefer magic fairies though. I probably wouldn't have to pay them. Then again I have heard that all magic comes with a price...


  1. oh girl i feel you! i feel like i am constantly cleaning the same things over and over and over and its like why bother sometimes haha. i want a cleaning lady.. sigh

  2. Ugh... I feel you on this one. My cleaning plan is like nonexistent right now. I kid you not... Adley is the only one getting clothes folded AND put away. Chris, Kendall, and I all have a laundry basket where I have been sorting our clean clothes. Pitiful!

  3. Too funny :) Its an endless battle to empty the laundry basket, and that thrill and sense of achievement only lasts for a few hours until more clothes are thrown in! Ugh and I dont even have kids just a partner!!


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