Friday, May 2, 2014

A Photo an Hour

Lulu & Sweet Pea

I love this link up idea. You choose a day and take one photo each hour that day. It gives you a little peek into other bloggers daily lives. So here is how my day went....

7:30 am - Wake up to the cute little face! I'm really surprised she slept this late. She's had a nasty habit lately of waking up at 6 or 6:30. I'm not a fan of waking up before 7.

8:30 am - Noah says goodbye to Emily and leaves for school. I used to drive him but now it's just easier if he rides the bus. He really likes riding the bus now anyway.

9:30 am - Heating my coffee up...again. At what point do you give up on drinking the coffee and just pour it out?

10:30 am - Leaving for the car dealership. They called and offered us a free oil change! Yes please.

11:30 am - Waiting for the oil change to be finished. Emily is always great to take places as long as she's not sleepy. She gets really grouchy when she's tired. She is afraid of new people if they come to close but she will gladly smile and "talk" to them if they keep their distance. She was the star of the waiting room. She fake coughed a lot, everyone would laugh, and she'd do it again.

12:30 pm - All that waiting made me hungry! I had to grab Burger King on the way home.

1:30 pm - Working on my book list for the Summer 2014 Book Challenge.

2:30 pm - Dishes. Because some has to do it.

3:30 pm - Noah gets home from school. He did NOT want me to take his picture... so now I have a nice closed eyes photo.

4:30 pm - Library! Time to stock up on books for the challenge!

5:30 pm - Dinner time. A quick easy skillet meal.

6:30 pm - A little playtime before bed. Emily is usually in bed by 7.

7:30 pm - Shaun T time. I've been doing T25 lately. I love it and hate it. I'm having to modify a lot though because my knees are awful. I swear I have the knees of an 80 year old! - This is to make up for the Burger King.... =)

8:30 pm - Bella is afraid. Anytime it is really windy or thundering she has to be smushed up against someone.

9:30 pm - Relax and read. I love this book. I've read it a bunch of times and it still makes me laugh. It's called Bright Lights. Big Ass. by Jen Lancaster. She is hilarious.

10:30 pm - Getting Emily's bottle ready for when she wakes up in the middle of the night. Off to bed! It's sad but 10:30 really is a late bedtime for me now.


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you linked up! Is that the mug I got you for the swap? And I usually have to re-heat my coffee at least 3 times...I get distracted and then it's cold and I have to drink it SUPER hot or it's gross to me. Also, all of the sweet pics of your baby girl make me excited for mine to come out!

  2. what a fun post! great idea. 1030 - i would cry if i was up that late, haha!


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