Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Book Chat - Book Blogging?


Am I a book blogger? I think I am... a little bit. My blog isn't devoted to books but I do spend a good amount of time reviewing the books I read. I don't review books for other people, just the ones I find interesting. If you read any of my recent posts you probably won't find much about books though. I was going through a reading drought. Now I'm BACK! My library bag is stuffed with books. I've been reading every day so reviews will pop up here shortly.

Blogging has pushed me to read more. I've always been a big reader but finding REALLY good books has always been hard. (Enter the blogging world!) Through blogging I've been given great recommendations on what to read. I've read books I never would have read otherwise.

When I started my blog I had no idea what direction I wanted it to take. I'm still really unsure. I DO know I want books to be part of it because they are such a big part of me.


  1. I come to your blog not just for book reviews but for your daily life type posts and because I like your writing style :)

  2. I just made a bag busting trip to the library this week too! I'm looking forward to reading on the deck while the kids play outside this summer. Good books, good weather!

  3. Blogging has definitely pushed me with my reading as well! I like that we can share our passion for books without having to do ONLY that. I really do wish I could be a book blogger, but I can handle just sharing books when I'm feeling like writing about them :)

  4. I am right there with you. I am unsure of what where I want my blog to go but I do know that reading and books are a HUGE part of me.


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