Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Around here...

Summer vacation is in full swing and I've been spending a lot of time with this goofball. He really makes me laugh all the time. He gets his sense of humor from his dad. I often say things I think are funny then realize that YEP I'm the only one laughing... oh well.

Soccer is almost over! =(
We have one game left and then we have to wait until the fall season starts. It's been so exciting to watch Noah grow and learn in this sport. He's less afraid to get in there and go for the ball. He's scoring goals! That is always exciting for us as his parents and of course for him. I love the big smile that spreads across his face when he looks over to see if we we were watching.

Food! Food commercials used to be my enemy when I was having morning/all day sickness. I really avoided watching tv because I couldn't stand to see the food. NOW they just make me want to eat whatever is being advertised. I'm lucky to have a husband who will go get a ridiculous amount of food for me at night time...well after we've eaten dinner lol.

I can NOT wait to sit and have ridiculous conversations with my sister in a few days! Texts and phone calls just aren't the same.

I'm also excited to reunite these two! Bella always gets excited when I say Ginger's name. She's my mom's dog and Bella loves her.

Noah has been helping me get Emily's room ready. I've seen the first little bit of jealousy coming out... We went to the store to buy things to get crafty and make stuff for her room. When we got home and sat down to paint Noah asked what stuff was going to be for his room.... oops. I didn't even think that maybe he would want to make something for his room too. Luckily I did have an extra canvas for him to paint whatever he wanted on. That combined with a HUGE promise that when we return from Louisiana we will go buy things to make for his room seemed to make him feel better. I need to remember to try to keep everything balanced between the two of them....

I leave you with this photo just makes me laugh.
He came running down the stairs like this. He made a super hero costume out of a plastic bag. It's still in his room hung up on a hook with his super hero capes. Sooo I guess we're keeping that lol.

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