Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Oh the Dreams You'll Dream


For some reason most women have really vivid dreams during pregnancy. I've read that it is probably due to that burst of hormones (again they can be blamed for everything I guess) as well as the fact that you wake up more during the night. The more you wake up the more likely you are to wake during a REM cycle and remember the craziness going on in your head.

Here are a few of my odd ones....

The Duggars want to take my baby.
I dreamed that the Duggars kept following me around to my appointments. They were making plans to steal my baby! I kept telling them to leave me alone. They have enough babies of their own why do they want mine?
(I happen to love 19 Kids and Counting. Perhaps I had this dream because I fell asleep after watching a marathon?)

Joey gets stabbed at six flags.
We were enjoying a nice day at the park when all of a sudden someone stabs my husband! He kept telling me he was fine but he was obviously in need of medical attention. He continued to stroll leisurely through the park as I begged everyone to help him but no one would. I was the only one that could see his injury. Totally creepy!

Missing my friends. I woke up crying from this one....
In my dream I was back in high school. I was hanging out with my swim team friends. (little note here: We did NOT have a swim team in high school. Also? I don't remember any of the people in my dream ever being at my high school...) I said goodbye to them at the end of practice and immediately became sad. I woke up crying and missing these fictional people. I felt like a crazy person!

My poor sister.
I dreamed she got on a plane and for some reason that plane flew into outer space where it didn't belong. No one survived. I also woke up crying from this one!

I dream about tornadoes a LOT. I'm always looking for someone in my family. I always end up finding them but it's always a scary journey to get there. I wake up REALLY afraid. Not fun!

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  1. OMG these sound terrifying!! When I travel really far away, I always have a few days were I dream really vividly- I wonder why?? Maybe I don't sleep very well at first so I remember more of the weirdddd dreams? So strange how our brains imagine these random scenarios!!


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