Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I've become very accustomed to how independent Noah is. If I want to sleep in and Joey is at work. No problem. Noah wakes up. He comes to tell me he's awake and heads downstairs to watch tv or play until I get up. If he gets hungry he knows where the breakfast food is. He can pick his clothes out and get dressed by himself. I don't have to entertain him 24/7. I don't have to watch his every move every second of the day.

This all goes away soon. I'll definitely miss it. I'll LOVE having Emily here but I'll miss my days of sleeping in or taking a shower whenever I want. I think back to when Noah was a baby. My day revolved around him. That's okay. That's how it should be. That's what being a mom is. I also need to keep reminding myself that this time Joey will be here to help me. Last time he was deployed the entire first year so I was pretty much on my own. This time I'll have help.

Sometimes I wish that Noah and Emily would be closer in age. Then I really think about it and and I kind of like that he is a little older. While I'm taking care of her I don't have to worry about also watching him every second. He's already telling me that he will be my helper. I can't wait to see them together!

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  1. I know what you mean with the independent stage. I missed it too as my boys came along but having my Bailey's help was wonderful. There's 6 years between her and the youngest and she was such a big help. I miss babies :)


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