Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Write or Die Wednesdays: Snowfall

Vashelle and Mia host a fun weekly link up called Write or Die Wednesdays.

This week the promt is the word Snowfall.

All I can think of when I hear "snowfall" is our time in Illinois. We just moved back from there and one of the things I was happy to escape was the never ending snow. Don't get me wrong. I do like snow. It's very pretty. It's fun to play in. It makes it feel like Christmas. However, when the snow is still around and it's April that's not cool.

This was our home in IL all covered in winter bliss.

It really was beautiful. Then it didn't go away. It just kept snowing! In April! Noah played soccer while white flakes fell from the sky. The parents guzzled coffee and pulled their blankets tighter around them. I am glad it doesn't usually snow here. I did miss it at Christmas time though. Maybe one year we will visit a snowy location for Christmas. Snow during the holidays is fun, much beyond that is just yuck.

Write or Die Wednesdays


  1. You're so right. Sometimes, when there's not much snow, I miss it but when it's a reality that you have to deal with for weeks on end, it loses some of its novelty.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Ashley! I bet the snow does become major overkill by April. The sun should be shining bright and the flowers blooming! I will keep this in mind as I sit here and fantasize about seeing snow in Hawaii (wishful thinking much?). Now I'll be digging around your posts to see where you're living now :)

    Thanks for joining Mia and me for our Write or Die linkup! Hope to see you next week!


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