Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Write or Die Wednesday - Photo Prompt

Write or Die Wednesdays

Today's prompt was a photo:

Laura sat on the back porch staring out into the field. She once thought the view was beautiful. Who wouldn't? 
Lush green grass. Bright morning sun. Puffy white topped dandelions as far as the eye can see. 
The passing of her father changed her outlook on the world. In the grass she now only saw the disgusting bugs crawling and burrowing into the ground. The sun blinded her and stung her eyes. The dandelions were merely annoying weeds, their tips carrying off into the wind to spread over someone else land. She hated everything about this place now. There could be no joy without his laughter. No smiles without his warm hugs and kind words. Who was going to pick her up after school and help with her math? Her mom was awful with math. How many times had they sat in this very spot and tried to count all the dandelions? Now they'd never finish counting. Tears welled within her eyes and her heart filled with sorrow. As the hot tears spilled into her hands she felt her mothers arms fold around her. 

"Little girls don't lose their daddies." she cried
"No Laura, they shouldn't." her mother replied as she tightened her arms around her
"We won't know how many dandelions there are."
"No. But the Lord knows and now I bet your daddy does too. I bet hes watching over you now and wishes he could tell you."

Her mother took her by the hand and together they walked far out into the field. Out until the house became small and everything was quiet. She placed a blanket on the ground and they lay staring up at the sky surrounded by puffy tipped dandelions. The wind picked up, the white tips swirled around them, and it was beautiful.

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  1. Agghh...that made me so teary-eyed!

    This was beautifully written, Ashley. It is true that as life unfolds, and pain enters our lives, our perception of things change. And perception is EVERYTHING, isn't it? Cause nothing changed about the dandelions themselves.

    It is a good thing to remember when things feel horrible in life, that things change (sometimes for the worst, or so it feels), but much of what is around us remains the same and unaffected. I try to use that as an anchor.

    Thank you for linking up with us again! I loved your post. Hope to see you next week!!

  2. Oh Ashley, I absolutely loved this post. Sad, but hopeful, too. As I've gotten older, my perspective has certainly changed, so I feel like I can relate to the emotions in the story!

    Thanks so much for linking up with us, you made my day! :)

  3. Ashley, This was beautiful. It's so perfect in regards to how our perception of views suddenly change after a death or trauma. Well written!


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