Tuesday, August 19, 2014

10 Months ~Emily

This has been Emily's biggest month so far. She has changed so much in just these few short weeks.

Emily had eye surgery last week. She had a clogged tear duct. It was a super fast simple procedure and her eye is already so much better. No more waking up with a gross goopy mess! She did fantastic.

We've pulled her from daycare and she will be staying with my mom and we get her into a better place. It was great for Noah when he was three but she is a baby who needs a LOT of sleep. The way they have things set up in the baby area just don't allow her to rest well enough. She naps twice a day for 2 hours at home. At this daycare she's sleeping 40 minutes to an hour once a day. While I love the ladies there it's just not working out.

She is VERY over dramatic about things. She has a big attitude. When she gets upset she likes to throw things, headbutt you, or hit. Fun stuff I tell you. She absolutely hates having her hair done. As soon as I start trying to pull her crazy curls out of her face she freaks out. She loves food and if she thinks even for a moment that the food is gone she has a tantrum. We are going to have our hands full when she's a toddler, I just know it.

Still no crawling. I think she's close though. She speeds across the floor by pulling herself. I'm amazed at how fast she is!

She interacts more with us now. It's so fun to see her personality come out more and more every day. She really loves to read books and she does this funny dance-bob-up and down thing when she hears music. She is so adorable!

She says Momma, Dadda, and Babba . We don't think she knows those words mean anything yet.

She is just a little ball of energy. I want to freeze time and hold onto my little baby a while longer.
It all happens way too fast =(


  1. happy 10 months! she is so cute :)

  2. awe, how is she 10 months already! I feel like she was just born haha

  3. I didn't know you pulled her out of daycare! Well considering their schedule, that makes a lot more sense. She's such a cutie. They grow up TOO fast. I spent an hour staring at my nephew earlier this week wondering how on earth he got so big. I picked him up and made him cuddle me on the couch and I just tried to enjoy the moment, because I know he won't fit so comfortably in my arms very soon. Kids are such an emotional thing! I can't imagine when I have my own, lol!


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