Thursday, July 24, 2014

Going Back

I'm going back to work. I'm so very grateful for the 9 months that I've been able to spend every single day with my sweet Emily. Crazy adorable Noah is there too of course but for the most part he's in school and it's me hanging with Emily.  My feelings about this change are all over the place.

I'm excited to interact with grown ups again. I'm thrilled to have a reason to get up, take a shower, and put on actual clothes. I feel happy to be helping provide for my family. At the same time I'm very sad. I won't get to see her cute face for 9 hours! N-I-N-E hours! Noah wasn't away from me until he was 3. I hoped I would have that same amount of time with Emily but things don't always go as planned do they?

Noah will be fine. He'll have school and then go to after school care like he did when I used to work. He just gets extra playtime with his friends. He's assured me that he's happy about this. I've never left Emily for more than a few hours. I worry that she'll miss me. I worry that she won't like it at daycare. What if she needs me?????

I do find comfort in the fact that she will be going to the same place Noah went to. I already know the ladies who work there and they are great. I'm comfortable with them but still shes my BABY! I know she'll be well taken care of. I'm just going to miss her so much. She is my life right now. It's the Emily show. All day. Every day. No commercial breaks. What will I do?

God has blessed our situation immensely. Just when I was beginning to worry about getting bills paid and trying to make ends meet with my husbands new pay, things were finalized at my new job. I will actually be working for an old boss of mine. I'm so lucky that I didn't have to go out and find a position. This kind of fell into my lap.

I know big things are about to happen for me.

So yep, I'm trading my flip flops for heels and my yoga pants for dress slacks....
Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck friend! I know it will be tough at first, but you will find your grove. Sweet Emily doesn't know any different and will be fine! I head back in a few weeks, so I feel your pain!!

  2. Thats great news, I'm sure you'll get back into the swing of things in no time :) Love the heels too xx

  3. good (belated) luck girly! hope everything is going well, no wonder you have been busy!!


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