Monday, July 7, 2014

9 months ~ Emily

With our crazy move, trying to sell the house, and Emily not feeling well I feel stressed and have been trying to find time to sit down and type this. I don't want it to be rushed but I feel it might be....

Every month I say I can't believe Emily is ___ months old. I still feel that way. Her birthday is creeping closer and closer. I can feel it. It's peeking around the corner baring it's angry teeth at me. I want it to stay away for now. I'm not ready for her to be one. She's already becoming less of a baby. She's not feeling well right now so she's full of snuggles and sleeps on my chest sometimes. It's like she's almost a newborn again. Normally she doesn't want to be snuggled. She will sit on your lap and play but all attempts to rock or snuggle her will be shot down immediately, unless shes SUPER tired. We spent a long morning at the doctors office due to her sickness. Poor Emily got her finger pricked and cried so much she fell asleep. She had a virus.

She still isn't crawling. She moves all over the place by rolling and pulling herself. Hopefully soon we'll see her crawl. I know she'll be much happier when she can get around a little better. I'm also quite positive that she'll attempt to follow me when I walk away from her. At the moment she just cries and watches me as I go. I canceled her 9 month checkup due to her being sick. I'll reschedule it once she is doing better.

She just started clapping her hands. It's either an extremely slow motion clap or a fast clap where she misses every time. Both are insanely cute. She protests loudly if something is taken from her. Noah is still able to get her to laugh and smile more than anyone else. She LOVES to eat. She would much rather eat real food than drink her bottle. She bounces happily while she eats. I still haven't found a food that she doesn't like. I hope she grows up a non picky eater! Her brother is so picky!

She is still wary of strangers but not as much as before the move. I think she met so many new people in the first few days that she might be getting over her stranger anxiety. My favorite person she has met would be her cousin Jacob. He wanted nothing to do with her. He would say OH NO THANK YOU any time I asked if he wanted to play with her. Now he will get close to her but not touch her. He will also talk to her sometimes. He does warn others not to get too close because she could As if she were a wild animal. It's so funny and cute.

Emily loves to swim in the pool. She is always smiling and kicking her feet. She loves to splash!

Hopefully things settle down more soon and Emily can get back on a good sleeping schedule. I know I'm exhausted! 


  1. Im sure things will settle down for you soon, dont loose sight of the light at the end of the tunnell youll be come with your friends and family soon! xx

  2. hopefully things settle down soon for you all! meanwhile, how cute is she in that swimsuit?! i die.


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