Friday, July 12, 2013

Pregnant women are hot...

SERIOUSLY! Someone get me an industrial fan and an ice pack! Its not even August yet and I'm melting. It's really bad at night. It never fails. I wake up at 2am and my body is on fire! I have to get a cold washcloth and drink lots of ice water. Of course, then I'm wide awake and it take me forever to fall asleep again. If I'm awake I might as well head downstairs for a snack. Oh look! My book is on the kitchen counter. Well I'll just take this to the couch and read since I can't sleep anyway.......

The next thing I know it's 4 or 5 in the morning.

This is a terrible pattern to start. It leaves me exhausted during the day. It doesn't matter if I nap or not. When the middle of the night comes I will be hot and I will be wide awake.

We have 10 weeks until Emily will be here. I'm sure then I'll be missing the little sleep I do get now =)


  1. After I had Liam it was worse! My lower half was SO hot I'd wake up drenched. Like, legs glistening, sweat soaking through the sheets, slippery skin, hot. It was so annoying. Hopefully you don't have to experience that, but no one warned me about it and I learned after googling it that it's normal. Ugh!

  2. Sounds like you need a house with a swimming pool so you can go for a dip and cool off :) The joys of being a Mum to be hey xx


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