Thursday, October 16, 2014

Happy Place

And this is my happy place. Right here. Among the chaos that is moving into a new home. The space around me is cluttered way beyond what I'd like it to be but I have what I need.


I have missed this blog. I've missed the link ups. I've missed interacting with my readers! I think most of all I miss having time to unwind. Sitting and typing out a post is therapeutic. You have no idea how many posts I've composed in my mind laying awake at night or sitting at my desk during the day at the office. I just have literally NO time to let it all seep out of me and onto this screen. I am making time now. I will make it happen no matter what. It's something I need to do.  It helps me relax. It helps me functions

I have to change the way I blog. I used to sit down and just type whatever came to mind. Now posts will need to be planned. I don't have time to be spontaneous lol.  The blogging world is a special place. I've found so many great friends here. I never would have connected with any of you without this blog.

It is a great thing.

It is part of me.

So now I plan to set aside time each week to just write. If I don't I will go insane. Definitely.


  1. Looks like happy chaos to me! I must admit I plan ahead most of my blog posts or at least ideas of what I want to write about which definately helps with writers block :)

  2. Planning ahead has definitely helped me as well - I know exactly what you mean about not having time to be spontaneous!! :)


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