Monday, June 9, 2014

8 Months ~ The countdown continues

People we are FOUR months from Emily's first birthday. I'm already losing it! Surely there is some kind of special time control device made specifically for mothers who just can't handle the thought of their sweet baby turning one? If you know how to get one message me ASAP. I NEED it!

Nicknames~ Little Ogre (She's always making grunting grumbly sounds.), Little Patti (Her middle name is Patricia. I don't know how this started.), Emmy...of course (I think this one will be around forever.)

New Things~ She can move a round a LOT. She doesn't stay in one place for too long. Her method of transportation is rolling. We're still waiting for her to crawl. I'm fine with waiting! I know once she can crawl she will get into EVERYTHING.
She can sit up really well and only falls occasionally.
She has two bottom teeth now. She bit me once last week. I screamed because it hurt and it scared her a lot. I hope she doesn't do it again. The lats two weeks of her working on those teeth were awful. She was crying, always grumpy, and waking up every 2-3 hours at night. Several nights she was up from 10pm-2am just crying. I took her to the doctor thinking this couldn't be normal. As soon as the teeth came in she was fine. I hope the next tooth/teeth are easier on her.
I think my favorite thing she does is press her forehead to mine and giggle =)

Food~ She eats everything we give her. She LOVES eggs and pancakes. She's also a big fan of yogurt and cheese.

Sleep~ She was sleeping great, then teething happened. In just the last few days she's been going to bed at 7, waking up at 11, again at 3, again at 5, and finally awake for the day at 6:45. I'm not a fan. I'm tempted to sleep train again since we're over the teething for now (cue dramatic scary music), but with us moving in approximately 2 weeks (Post coming soon!) I know I would just have to do it all over again once we get to my moms. For now I'll just ride out the long nights. At least she naps really well. She currently has five, yes FIVE, pacifiers in her bed. This way she can always find one if she wakes up. We call them her treasures. She likes to pile them up and sleep on top of them. How this is comfortable I don't know. I usually wait until shes asleep and move them.

Dislikes~ New people. Stranger Danger!!! She clings to me and hides her face in my shoulder when she's unsure of someone. Once she spends some time with you she warms up though. She might even let you hold her! lol
HATS! Mostly baseball hats. She's even afraid of them when they aren't being worn by anyone. It's really strange. I hope she grows out of this quickly!

Likes~ Watching Bella, Books, Watching her brother do silly dances, Putting everything in her mouth!

She's just so cute I can't stand it. I had to buy de-tangling spray for her crazy hair. She hates hates hates when I pin her hair back. If I don't then it's in her eyes all the time. She doesn't like to snuggle very much. She'll sit on your lap and play but no snuggling =(
I guess she has better things to do like explore the world. When it's time to sleep she'll sit in your lap to read but then just wants to be put in the crib. No rocking allowed mom! She wants me to hold her all day and carry her around. I admit that I give into it. I know I'm creating a bad habit, but she's soooo cute!!!!

Fun things:
Going to Noah's soccer games
Aunt Tiffy came to visit

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  1. They grow up too fast!!! But seriously... have you thought of a first birthday theme? :)


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