Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Today I was not my best self

I wrote this a few months ago when I was having a really tough day. It was really hard for me to find balance. Somehow I've figured it out. I think finally being able to sleep has helped a lot. Going from one child to two is not easy. Especially when their needs are so different. I'm glad things have fallen into place and I can breathe deeply again and relax. 

Today I was not my best self
Today I had no patience
Today I was easily frustrated
Today I yelled too much
Today my fuse was short
Today I felt defeated
Today, I just wanted today to be over
Today I felt like a crappy mom
Today I was overwhelmed
Today I did not play fun games 
Today I did not sing silly songs
Today I cried
Today I prayed for mountains of patience and peace
Today I felt I should carry the weight on my own
Today I was tired 
Today ended with heavy shoulders and a sad heart.

I don't deserve this version of myself and neither does my family, but sometimes "today" just happens. 

Tomorrow will be a better day


  1. Everyone has their "todays," but I think it's just moms that really beat themselves up about it. Being a mom is a full time job with no breaks, and emotionally exhausting! And I only have one baby...two? Superwoman. Luckily, there are always "tomorrows."

    I love your realness!

  2. Every one has those days, but like you said - tomorrow is a new day :)


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