Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Oops! again.

If you really know me then you know I am clumsy. You know I have a tendency to lose things. I wasn't always this way. I used to be responsible. I used to be coordinated. I really don't know how it all went down hill.

I trip over things that are invisible. I'm quite sure I am actually tripping over invisible objects because who trips over nothing?

I misplace things all the time. "Husband. Can you take the dog out? Put him on his leash or he'll just run all over the yard and won't come in. The leash? Oh, I put it on the counter. OR the computer desk. It's not there? I KNOW I put it in one of those places!"  Several hours later... "Oh here it is! In my coat pocket!"

I fall UP the stairs. Yes. Up. It really isn't my fault. You see there are a few tiny invisible men that sit on the stairs. They wait for me to start walking up and they grab my feet. It is really the only plausible explanation. I trip and usually pop my big toe...which hurts a lot! Perhaps these men are also responsible for tripping me all over the house. Sneaky little guys.

Usually my mishaps are short lived and not really a problem...

But sometimes they make me freak out...

I took the dog outside. I stood on the deck and waited for her to quit playing so we could hurry inside. It was cold out! I did not have gloves on. You know how when you are super hot your fingers can swell? Well apparently the opposite is also true. I took my hands out of my pocket and my wedding ring flew off my finger. Then I heard the horrific sound of it clink, clink, clinking across the deck.

A few things:
It was also snowing...a lot.
I only had my ring back for about 2 months. One day one of the diamonds fell out and I had to have it reset which wasn't cheap.

Back to the story. I couldn't see it anywhere. I kept saying, "Joey is going to kill me! Joey is going to kill me! Joey is going to kill me!"
Maybe it rolled off the deck? So I crawled around in my pajamas bottoms in the snow desperately searching for it. Not there. I went back to searching on the deck. Twenty agonizing minutes later with frozen hands I picked it up out of the new fallen snow. Not before snapping a photo with my phone to share with you of course. This is how I found my ring:

I could have easily missed it and lost it until the snow melted. It is back safely on my finger and now when I go out in the cold I will be VERY careful.


  1. I'm glad that you were able to find your ring!

  2. I once lost my wedding ring at a hockey game when it fell under the bleachers. We had to wait until the end of the game, and one of the workers had to crawl under there with a flashlight to find it.
    I'm very clumsy too and people think it's charming or cute and it's not. It drives Jeremy crazy because cute is not dropping a cup full of milk or soda or accidentally stepping on his feet constantly. I hate being clumsy.


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