Monday, January 21, 2013

This is Artoo.

I really don't know how we went from getting a lap dog to getting him. But here he is. He is incredibly sweet. He was rescued from a kill shelter in Kentucky. He made the very long journey here to be fostered in Chicago. On Saturday we met him and loved him. He came to us with the name George. We changed it to in R2D2. Noah is a big Star Wars fan! Artoo is 6 months old. Thankfully he is already potty trained so that makes my life a lot easier.

At first Bella was thrilled to have a playmate. The novelty wore off quickly. By Saturday night she was avoiding him at all costs. I know it is a huge adjustment for her. Going from being in a one super spoiled pooch home to a two spoiled pooches home is tough. Especially when that second pup is a puppy who can be rambunctious and likes to tug on your ears...
We have been sure to give Bella a lot of extra attention. We put Artoo in his kennel when we see Bella is getting agitated with him. She needs a break now and then.

Artoo actually is a lap dog...a big lap dog.
He likes to be by someone all of the time. He likes to try and fit in your lap on the couch. He does try to nip a lot but we are working on that. We don't really know what he is. The shelter did tell us that he is a dachshund mix. He definitely has a longer wiggly body like a dachshund but he has long legs. So who knows what he will look like as he grows...

Now we just need to be patient with Bella and hope that they start to bond soon. As of right now they are napping near each other. That's progress!


  1. ARTOO oh my god. first that is the cutest name ever and second HE IS ADORABLE. I have a puppy named Chewy, for Chewbacca ha :) and my friend has a kitty called Kenobi for Obi Wan. Welcome to the Star Wars animal-name train! ;)

  2. Cute name. Absolutely adorable puppy!! Our dogs were not so fond of each other at first but now they are inseparable. I'm sure Bella will come around :)

  3. He's so cute!! Glad you guys found a great dog and GOOD FOR YOU for rescuing rather than finding a breeder. Your doggies are very lucky to have you. Enjoy that sweet pup :)

  4. Owww what a cutie! I rescued a dog last weekend as well and just put photos up :) Im sure they will start to get along eventually, once the puppy stage wears off a bit and giving them space when they need it would definately help them


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