Friday, January 11, 2013

Flash back funny - Italy, the gecko, and the box of doom.

I read this post by Michelle from Mish Lovin' Life. And it reminded me of a very scary night in Italy.

Also if you've never read her blog you should! She is super funny!
She also blogs over at Filling in the Dots where she blogs 
about a GREAT adventure. She sold all of her belongings
 and is traveling the world. That is awesome!
I love reading about her journey.

Let me set the scene for you.
We are living in Naples, Italy. We have just returned to our apartment from a movie. I am exhausted. Noah is 3 at this time.

I go into our bedroom and put my pajamas on. I do not turn on the light. A few minutes later Joey goes into the same room, turns the light on, and tells me to get in there NOW. 
Right there above the spot where I changed my clothes is a gecko. A large orange nasty gecko. It was BIG!

After trying to shake off my heeby jeebies Joey comes up with a plan. 

1. We will get a large cardboard box.
2. The gecko with be pushed into the box with a broom.
3. The box will be put outside.

Simple enough...
This is where things start to look bad for me.
Joey dislikes all things reptile or amphibian. So guess who gets to hold the box of doom?
Yep that's! My ex Army husband will have the easy job of pushing the beast into the box while I catch it and dispose of it outside. Two Iraq deployments? No problem. Gecko? Mmmm nope.

Somehow I think this was unfair. He is lucky I love him so much.

And so after pumping my self up a bit I grab that box. I take my place under that nasty bulbous tailed creature. I wait.

But first I open the patio door and inform Noah that he better get out of the bedroom doorway because I WILL run him over running towards that patio.

Joey grabs the broom. I steady the box. The gecko drops into the box and the screaming and running begins. FYI I am running and screaming. Joey and Noah are laughing. Again I think this was unfairly planned. 

I throw the gecko outside...really I throw the box outside with the gecko in it. I slam the door shut and lock it. YES lock it. You never know, he could have been a special species of gecko with opposable thumbs. He could be very angry that he was so rudely thrown outside and come after me in my sleep.

I did feel a little bad. What if I injured him? I didn't feel bad enough to go check though.

Oh memories...
If our home is ever invaded by a creepy creature I call NOT IT!

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  1. LMAO this is hilarious and I would be exactly like you in this situation.

    On a side note, you lived in Naples?! I visited there this summer and the city terrified me LOL. It was so gorgeous though when you went to the coast... Definitely one of my favorite stops. But at night that city was gritty and scary!


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