Friday, November 30, 2012


I sat down at the computer ready to write my Friday's Letters post. I got sidetracked as usual and began reading other blogs. I stumbled upon  Living in Yellow which linked me to an online journal. I spent an unknown amount of time sobbing over the online journal entries from Isaac's parents.  The only word to describe it is heartbreaking.

 Isaac is 6 years old. Last year he had a cancerous brain tumor. He fought and he beat the cancer. 
His cancer is back. Worse than before. 

This story tugs at my heart. Noah is 6. I can not imagine watching him go through what Isaac has. I can not imagine the pain his parents must feel. 6 is to young to have least it should be. 6 is an age of running and playing and noise. It is not an age of hospital beds. It is not a time of medicine and doctors. It is not fair.

Erin from Living in Yellow created a page HERE with detailed instructions on how you can help. Whether that's a monetary donation or just sending a card and a prayer. 

I want to go get Noah from school. I want to hug him. As much as we like to think that things like this do not happen to us... the truth is that they do. Children all over the world get cancer. Some make it and some don't.  The things I complain about and the problems I have are nothing compared to this. 

Life is precious. 

Take a moment and visit Isaac's site

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  1. I have also linked up with Erin to support little Isaac. I am hopeful everyone gets involved to help out this family.


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