Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Don't Go H-M-O!

Don't Go H-M-O!  Don't Go H-M-O!  Don't Go H-M-O!

I feel like marching around and chanting this. Maybe even make some signs?

One of the many things I miss about Joey being in the Army is not having to worry about choosing an insurance plan. Every time he has gotten a new job we go through the process of choosing a plan. We have never chosen an HMO plan before. When he got his new job here we did choose to go HMO. It was the cheapest cost to us per month, it didn't have a deductible, and the co-pay was really low.  Having never chosen an HMO before we had no idea what we were in for. Folks if something sounds too good to be true it usually is.  I don't know. You might have had a wonderful experience as an HMO patient. We never even got to the become a patient part of the medical process.

After choosing an HMO you have to select a doctor.  If you're a girl...which I am =) you also select a gyno. Here is where it got stressful and crazy for me causing me to spend countless hours at the computer as my anger grew and grew. The primary doctor you choose is in a care network. The gyno you choose also has to be in that same care network.

Every time I chose a doctor and a gyno we would receive an email stating that one or the other was no longer going to be an HMO physician. Really? Is it SO hard to update your website so that I'm not wasting my time selecting a doctor, trying to find another doctor in the same network, and then to find out that I can't even use them?

It was getting REALLY ridiculous! After the third time of selecting a doctor and then finding out we couldn't use them we were done.  The doctors we could now use were getting farther and farther from our house. I'm sorry but I'm not going to drive for 45 minutes to go to a doctors appointment. I'm just not.

We pulled up all of the medical paperwork and decided we would rather shell out more money a month, have a plan with a deductible, and be able to pick a doctor from a much larger list. Thankfully we were able to switch plans and I am much happier. We don't have to select a specific doctor. As long as we go see a doctor that is in our network for the new plan then we're good. And the list of available providers is huge so we shouldn't have any issues. The doctor Noah went to see when we first moved here is on that list so that is wonderful. I won't have to worry about having his records transferred again.

IF we ever have to choose a plan again I will definitely take more time and do lots of research before we just pick something because it's the cheapest option.

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