Saturday, October 20, 2012

When teenagers steal... sort of

So here is how it all went down.

Allow me to set the scene for you. I am 15. I have a learner's permit to drive. This means two things. I think I'm ultra cool AND I can't drive a vehicle without adult supervision. It is winter time. New Years Eve to be exact. I am at my best friend Jenna's house with her and her boyfriend Dustin. Jenna's parents are at a New Years Eve party. It is time for Dustin to go home. This was one of the Northern Louisiana winters when we have ice and snow. The roads are dangerous folks. Dustin does not want to walk home. He did not live that far...he could have walked. He suggests that we take Jenna's parent's van. 

At first I am against the idea. But then...I am convinced that this seems like a brilliant plan. It was probably  that teenage brain making impulsive decisions thing. Then Dustin and I unite and peer pressure (who doesn't love a little peer pressure every now and then?) Jenna to join us in the van stealing plan. 

Off we go to the carport to begin icing off the windows.
Let me pause here for a moment. IF we  managed to get away with everything I'm pretty sure her parents would have returned home and wondered why on earth the windows were free of ice. There would have been some explaining to do...

Dustin drives to the corner of his street. He gets out. I get in the drivers seat. Then out of Jenna's mouth I hear, "Oh shit...that's my mom!!!"

Yes indeed. It was her mom. driving straight towards us. You see her parents were at a party just down the street from Dustin's house. We obviously did not put much thought in to any of this...

And so her mom stops next to us and proceeds to use every cuss word known to man. We were in trouble. BIG trouble. She speeds off to wait for us at the house leaving me and Jenna to worry about the doom that awaited us.

But we're not done yet...

Then a police officer pulls up beside me. This will mark the second moment of the night when I almost peed my pants. I don't know how or why but all he said to me was, "Is everything okay?" I replied with, "Yes sir, I was just talking to my friend for a minute." I was more than astonished and grateful when he said, "Alright well just drive safe. The roads are pretty bad tonight. Make sure you turn your headlights back on."

That was IT! I was driving past curfew and on a learners permit. All we got was a take care and be safe.

That moment of happiness faded quickly as we made our way back to Jenna's house. We got out of the van ever so slowly and sulked into the house. I sat at the table for an unknown amount of time listening to Jenna's mom yell at her about responsibility, safety, and trust. It was bad...

Then her mom turned to me and told me I was to go home tomorrow and tell my mom what I did. 
Jenna's mom and my mom are best friends too.  Her mom would definitely know if I told my mom or not.

 The next day I told my mom. Our punishment really wasn't all that terrible. We couldn't see each other or talk to each other on the phone for two weeks. I had to go apologize to Jenna's dad. Now that was pretty terrible. It was not the best moment of my life. 

It's a funny story now. I was a pretty good kid. I never really did anything too bad. The few times I did get in trouble were usually times I just wasn't using my brain AND almost always included Jenna. She was my partner in crime. Our 90210 and coffee grounds story just takes the cake. I'm not even sure I want to share it lol It's incredibly embarrassing because it was just so dumb! I might even need to get her permission before I tell it....seriously.

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  1. I know I must have heard this story before, but I cannot recall the 90210/coffee grounds story.
    I had a sudden flashback of us sitting in your/my apartment sharing stories from our teen years. Gosh, we seemed SO young back then. Good times.


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