Monday, October 29, 2012

The Baileys Bought A Bar

Well, actually we bought a car.

But The Baileys Bought A Bar is more fun to say than The Baileys Bought A Car.

So after lots of looking, discussing, and a touch of arguing we finally agreed on what would be our new vehicle. 

We chose a 2013 GMC Terrain. 

We looked for a new car for a LONG time. Finally we narrowed it down to a Terrain or an Equinox. We were standing in the show room waiting for our great and funny salesman, Cheyne, to bring us a print out on the Equinox we looked at. We were standing next to the Terrain.  We looked at it several times and kept saying, "I really love this one, I wonder if they would come down on the price, It's so nice!"  And then this lady got into it...

Immediately I thought, "Hey get out of my car!" 
As soon as the guy got back we both said, "We want this one and asked what they could do about the price." It had everything we wanted. We were just afraid of the $$$. Luckily we got an amazing deal and only 2 hours and a ton of paperwork later it was ours. 

They pushed it out of the showroom with a whole 4 miles on it. 

Joey was sad to say goodbye to his truck but we really needed a larger vehicle for traveling. Especially since we are trying to have a baby. 4 people and a giant dog would not fit in the truck or the car, not comfortably anyway.

It is definitely going to take some getting used to.  Especially all of the buttons. I definitely cant drive and adjust the temperature or change the least not until I memorize where everything is. I also need to practice parking it lol.  

We love it!!!

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