Monday, October 22, 2012

More teenage shenanigans...embarrassing shenanigans

Smoking in the bathroom...but not cigarettes...not drugs...just a little caffeine.

Oh this story is a good one. An embarrassingly dumb one. So dumb in fact we weren't even punished. Our mothers could not stop laughing at us long enough to punish us. They still laugh about it today. Now we laugh too. 

My partner in crime Jenna and I were good kids. We did not even know what drugs were really. I'm sure if someone had actually shown me a drug I would have had no idea what it was. We were in the 8th grade. I actually think it was the summer before 8th grade. One day Jenna sees an episode of 90210. In this episode they smoke weed, kept in a coffee can. 

Can you tell where this story is going?

Jenna thinks they are smoking coffee. I am immediately notified of this new discovery and so begins what will become a story to be shared at any family and friends gathering where one or more people have not heard of the time Jenna and Ashley smoked coffee grounds. 

Jenna showed me how they rolled the coffee grounds in strips of paper towels. Really people it's such a sad story...

We then smoked the coffee grounds. It was gritty, smelled good, and tasted like coffee. We weren't sure what this smoking of the grounds was supposed to achieve. We did know that those cool kids on tv did it so we probably should too. 

Our wild behavior wouldn't last long. Her mom came home and obviously it smelled funny in the house. When questioned Jenna is forced to confess to our coffee smoking craziness. Her mom was speechless. Was she thinking up some awful punishment? Was she debating whether or not we should be sent to Coffee Smokers Anonymous? No, she was trying not to laugh. 

My mom had the same reaction. We weren't punished. I guess they thought our stupidity was punishment enough. That Christmas we received cans of coffee. Our families open gifts together so there was lots of laughter to be heard. 

We have a long history of making mistakes together. My childhood would not have been as fun or as funny without Jenna. 


  1. O.M.G. my friends and I did the same thing...but we tried to smoke tea and we rolled it in paper towels too!! LOL!!! Too freaking funny!! One of the girls there told her mom b/c she thought we were really doing something bad and our parents, like yours, laughed so hard!

  2. haha what a funny story!! smoking coffee... love it!


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