Saturday, October 6, 2012

DIY Easy Art (bird)

I've been trying to finish decorating my kitchen. It was missing something. I just didn't know what. I knew I needed an art piece of some kind. After traipsing from store to store I began to lose hope. Then I ended up at Hobby Lobby...not an unusual occurrence.  I strolled through the aisles. Thinking and waiting for something to call out to me. Then I found a bird stencil and It all started to fall in to place. I couldn't find anything that seemed I would make something.

I purchased one sheet of thick foam poster board. They have several different kinds. I chose one with a beige linen background. 

At home I cut the board to the right size for my project. 

Then I made a mistake. 
I stenciled the bird first.
This made it harder to stencil the shape I chose for the background. I should have stenciled the shape first and THEN the bird. Oh well, I made the mistake and moved on.

I first traced the shape stencil with pencil. Then I went back and went over the pencil marks with paint. I traced in pencil first so that I could just erase any mistakes...there were mistakes =)

I hot glued ribbon around the edges to frame the picture.
Now it sits over my oven and I just love it.

I spent:
$4.00 on the poster board
$3.00 on the stencil

I already had the paint and ribbon.

So that's $7.00 people! SEVEN!

Saving money makes me S-M-I-L-E 

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