Tuesday, October 9, 2012

DIY Decorative Plate

This is so simple, cheap, and takes no time to make.

All you need is a permanent marker and a little creativity.
A stencil helps.

Just draw on the plate.
I've read that you can bake the plate 
at 300F  for 30 minutes and you can actually
 eat off of the plate and wash the plate.
Because I was only going to hang my plate on the wall
AND because I am impatient I skipped the baking step.

Then I hot glued a bow to the back 
and fit the plate inside a plate hanger. 

I already had the ribbon, stencil, and marker.
I purchased the plate from Dollar General for $1.00
I purchased the plate hanger from Walmart for about $3.00...maybe less

So that's a grand total of $4.00 a teensy 
a bit more if we include tax.

TIP: If you make a mistake get a q-tip. Pull the cotton
 off of the end so you are left with the soft stick part. 
You can use the stick to scratch the mistake off of the plate.

The possibilities of what you can make are endless. 


  1. what a great decoration item! i love the stencil you picked

    1. Thanks! It was fun =)
      I popped over to your blog and snooped around a little lol I like your rodeo photos. I've never been to a rodeo but I want to go. The sad thing is I used to live right by an arena and they had rodeos all the time. I was always just "too busy" =(


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