Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Easy Quick DIY Wall Art

I needed something to hang above the breakfast bar in my kitchen. I'm extremely impatient so I wanted it NOW.  We were also broke so it had to be cheap!

Now we have this
This DIY project cost me around $10!!!  
(About $15 if you include the fleur de lis.  It was on clearance at Hobby Lobby. I snagged it for just 4 bucks!)

You Need
Hot glue gun - I had this already
Canvas - 50% off at Hobby Lobby (about $1.89 per canvas...I used a 6X8)
Scrapbook paper (.59 per sheet)
Picture Hanger - I already had some of these but they don't cost more than $2
You'll need to make sure that the scrapbook paper will be able to fold over the edges of your canvas.  So keep that in mind when you choose the size of your canvas.

After I chose my canvas I took a stroll down the scrapbook paper aisle.  There are SO many choices!  Just try to find a few that will look good together on the wall. 

1. Position your canvas in the center of the paper. The paper should be face down on the table.

2. Start by spreading a line of glue on the top of the canvas frame.

3. Fold the top part of the paper over on the glue and press down.

4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 for the bottom of the paper and canvas.

5. Glue the loose paper down on the sides.

6. Now you're going to fold the sides up like you would if you were wrapping a present.

7. Spread glue along the edge of the canvas, fold the flaps up, and press the flaps down to glue them in place. 

I went back after I glued the flaps down and glued down any areas on the paper that were loose.

You can either hot glue the picture hanger on our nail it on.  I just hot glued mine.

Hang it up and enjoy!

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